Eye Version may contribute to the Development of Nasal Pterygium

A conjunctiva may be a chromatic, triangular tissue growth on the tissue layer of the attention. It generally starts on the tissue layer close to the nose. It should slowly grow however seldom grows thus giant that it covers the pupil and impairs vision.A conjunctiva may be a growth of the mucous membrane or mucosa that covers the white a part of your eye over the tissue layer. The tissue layer is that the clear front covering of the attention. This benign or noncancerous growth is usually formed sort of a wedge. A conjunctiva typically doesn’t cause issues or need treatment, however it are often removed if it interferes along with your vision. the standard location for a conjunctiva is that the nasal structure. often an eye fixed can demonstrate pterygia each nasally and temporally.


Lori A Young, Landon S Wootton

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