Astrocytic Hamartoma

Retinal glial cell hamartomas square measure interstitial tissue tumors of the retinal fiber layer that arise from retinal astrocytes. Classically they seem as a cream-white, well-circumscribed, elevated lesion which will gift as multiple or solitary sites. A lesion is often seen with a multilobulated, "mulberry" look, however also can seem flat and semitranslucent. it's most often related to stem induration (TS) however can also be found seldom in patients with monogenic disorder. though the finding might purpose toward a general association, it also can be found incidentally on retinal examination as associate isolated presentation. Two cases of solitary retinal glial cell hamartomas while not general complications discovered at routine examination square measure given. each patients were found to possess a raised, multilobulated retinal lesion in keeping with the looks of a retinal glial cell growth.


Hind Alkatan, Faisal Al Marek and Sahar Elkhamary

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