Advanced Ophthalmological Care

We presently have variety of Special problems open for submission.
Special problems highlight rising areas of analysis
among a field, or offer a venue for a deeper investigation into
associate degree existing analysis space. Advanced Ophthalmological
Care is a world open access, peer reviewed journal for
visual science specialist and ophthalmologists. This serves the
analysis field by publication original articles in clinical and basic
science analysis and different articles regarding the sense of
sight. it’s earned through unbiased referee, elevated learning,
advancement in innovation and discovery. reviews articles and
innovative analysis reports from clinical observations, clinical
investigations and relevant laboratory investigations apt within
the field of medicine. The journal principally centered on publication
of medical and clinical analysis of basic and trendy sense
of vision, that area unit concerned in recent advances of diseases
like eye disease, uveitis, refractive surgery, cataract and
different membrane issues and conjointly different connected
advances of eye science. T we tend to area unit accepted article
submissions for the approaching issue within a month if articles
area unit acknowledged for post-production. If associate
degree author interest lies between our requirements, munificently
undergo author tips.
The journal provides variety of advantages to the authors and
editors WHO concentrate on a current topic furthermore on the
journal. It offers a well-defined location for papers that relate to
a standard theme It acts as promoter for a developing field by
providing extremely visible forum for the subject. It encourages
authors to submit top quality work by providing them with a
centered review method and publication schedule. It promotes
clarity of the topic, experimental soundness and advances in information.
Generate packaging and lift awareness of the scope
of topics lined within the journal. Encourage new authors to
submit their work. Attract new readers and subscribers to the
journal. This journal aim to produce a chance to experiment
with innovative or uncommon content. And additionally to
publish with a bunch of alternative editors. Every step it Encourage
new concepts and avenues for analysis. Help authors
to acknowledge and develop effective analysis proposals. The
Journal warmly welcomes all the students to propose a Special
Issue per their experience and space of analysis interest. they
must additionally arrange for timely submission and unharness
of the special issue. when evaluating and acceptive the proposal
for a Special Issue, the scholar are selected as Special Issue
Editor for that Special Issue Title
• Diabetic retinopathy.
• Glaucoma.
• Macular degeneration.
• Amblyopia (lazy eye).
• Blocked tear duct.
• Droopy eyelid.
• Thyroid eye disease.
• Retinal detachment.
• Uveitis.
• Other ocular health conditions



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