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A Comparison of Intraoperative Metrics between the Infiniti with and the Centurion without Intelligent Phacoemulsification Systems

Purpose: To compare the efficiency and safety of two phacoemulsification systems, the Infiniti with intelligent phacoemulsification (IP) and the Centurion without IP, in terms of intraoperative metrics of phacoemulsification and the occurrences of adverse events and intraoperative tip obstruction.

Design: Comparative case series.

Methods: A consecutive series of 340 eyes (151 eyes with the Infiniti, 189 eyes with the Centurion) was evaluated. A 2.4 mm sclerocorneal incision was used with the Infiniti, and a 2.0 mm incision was used with the Centurion. Phacoemulsification of the nucleus was performed using the phaco chop technique, with the IP function of the Infiniti turned on and the IP mode of the Centurion turned off. From among the parameters displayed on the panels of both devices, ultrasound (US) time, cumulative dissipated energy (CDE), aspiration time, and estimated balanced salt solution (BSS) aspiration volume were investigated and compared between the devices. Results: A comparison of all subjects found significant differences between the two devices in mean CDE (p=0.02) and mean aspiration time (p=0.003), but not in mean US time (p=0.43) or mean estimated BSS aspiration volume (p=0.07). For grade 3 nuclei, all parameters of mean US time (p=0.0044), mean CDE (p ≤ 0.001), mean aspiration time (p<0.001), and mean estimated BSS aspiration volume (p=0.001) showed significant differences favoring the Centurion.

Conclusions: Compared to the Infiniti with IP mode, cataract surgery with the Centurion without IP mode is likely to be performed with less phacoemulsification energy and higher efficiency.


Ataka S, Ogawa S, Miura Y, Kohno T, Shiraki K

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